Room to Grow is an online children’s furniture retailer which has seen it’s sales increase by a staggering 540% with minimal marketing support. The brand is looking to further that growth and become a household name and I’m offering consultancy in a number of ways including; developing a marketing strategy, providing training to the in-house team and developing a PR and content strategy. Most recently, I supported on the launch of Room to Grow’s new website and brand identity, raising awareness and driving traffic among a trade and consumer audience. I love my job, but I really love my job when I’m working with brands that not only offer top quality products, but also add value to their customer’s lives through the way they behave and communicate with them. Room to Grow is passionate about the children’s market in a way I’ve never seen before, caring deeply about children’s sleep and how important it is to their development and health. Now, if only they could help me to get my toddler to sleep past 6am…?!