I’m a firm believer that for small and medium sized businesses, day-to-day social media management should stay in house. Who better to talk about this thing you have loved and nurtured and created yourself, that keeps you awake at night but is also the reason you bounce out of bed every morning, than you?

But…often, these business owners need a bit of a helping hand; a guide and a framework to set them on the right path with social media. And that’s what I did, with the help of a trusted colleague and fab friend, for Nicola Holden, a London-based interior designer, specialising in luxury, unique living spaces.

Knowing that Nicola’s best sales tool is her website, she’s full of ideas for blog content and has a very clear direction for her business online, but needed some help ensuring her social media channels and web content were working as hard as possible to direct traffic to her impressive online portfolio, where her work speaks for itself.

My colleague (who has a background in media planning and strategy) and I, devised a detailed consumer profile for Nicola’s main target audience, which will now form the basis for all Nicola’s communications. We used the consumer profiles to create a social media strategy, which Nicola is now implementing, primarily across her blog and Instagram.

Nicola said: “Julia Cross PR helped me to create a detailed profile for my target audience, and then provided guidance on how best to reach this audience using social media and blogging channels. This is a slow burn process, but now I feel so much better equipped to move forward with social media for my business.”

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