New year, new project: Northern Bloc ice cream

I’ve been a genuine fan of Northern Bloc for some years now. I remember being pregnant and devouring one or two (or something) mini tubs of Ginger Caramel Ice Cream during a Derren Brown show at Leeds Grand Theatre, every time my husband ordered a pint. So the fact that I’m now working with them is pretty awesome (and now I can have a tub AND a pint, right?) 

One of the many brilliant things about Northern Bloc is that whilst it’s mini ice cream tubs you’ll find in your favourite theatres, parks and museum cafes are dairy ice cream, it’s  larger tubs, available in supermarkets, are vegan. Not scary, full of things you’ve never heard of, bizarre flavours vegan….just incredible tasting ice cream, that can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s such a forward thinking brand and I’m thrilled to be on board.

My brief is to help launch the brand’s new, 100% recyclable packaging. It’s the first ice cream brand in the country to make this change. Whilst other ice cream tubs are much like cardboard coffee cups, making it really difficult to separate the component parts at local recycling facilities, the new Northern Bloc tubs can be popped in the normal recycling at home and reused with ease. It’s another, much longer blog post to share my thoughts about how easy it is for consumers to understand all of the recycling jargon (spoiler alert… it’s not at all) and the hoops that residents in some authorities have to jump through to do their bit to recycle. I’m certainly not saying that the responsibility therefore falls to brands, as there are so many more parts of the very complicated jigsaw to consider, but it really is refreshing to see a brand leading the way and making it as simple as possible for consumers to recycle correctly. 

I really can’t wait to see what Northern Bloc has up its sleeve next and in the meantime,  I’ll be the one eating Vegan Peanut Chip for breakfast.