I have the expertise to work with clients to make PR a fundamental part of their business planning, ensuring it has a genuine impact with stakeholders.  This once misunderstood discipline, which was seen as an afterthought by many clients, is now taking a place at the top table, recognised as the business function which truly understands how to get through to its audiences to facilitate change.


I can also support with campaign planning and delivery,  in disciplines including:

      • Social media: Wondering which channels are right for you? Not sure what to post? Want to generate footfall to your venue? (I offer social media advice for all kinds of businesses, but if you’re a small business who needs help with social media planning, this toolkit might be right for you)
      • Media relations: Want to see your shiny new product or service in newspapers, magazines and on influential websites?
      • Stakeholder engagement: Need to use social media, trade media or the business pages to impress stakeholders such as potential retailers?
      • Influencer relations: Want to boost your business through word of mouth recommendations from experts who your audience really trusts?
      • Event support : Need to maximise your trade show, or launch your product with a big bang?